Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is the main aspect of my photography business and I have been doing it ever since I picked up a camera over 3 years ago. It is my interest in people that my love of the field derives from. I generally get paid to take photos of either people working, staff headshots or advertisement images that involve people.  I also do a lot of personal work involving family, friends, models and anybody I meet who I think I can collaborate with to take an impressive portrait. To see my portrait portfolio, see the images below.


Portrait Photography Shoot – from £300

Pricing is a tricky thing to describe on a webpage as it depends entirely on exactly what you need doing, so the best thing to do is to get in touch and I’ll build you a custom quote.

Headshot Sitting – from £150

An area of portrait photography that I really enjoy is taking someone’s headshot. I charge slightly more then other photographers on the market as I do not like to rush headshots – I will allow you to wear different outfits, employ different lighting techniques, different colour backdrops (if we shoot in the studio) or various locations if on location. After we have taken 50 or so images, we will go through them to see how we’re getting on and what you think to the images that we are producing. I have a 49″ TV screen which can be set up in the studio to allow you to see the photos appearing in real time so you can see exactly what we’re getting should you want a different style or lighting setup.